SamTrans school-oriented service changes take effect Aug. 7

Published on August 08, 2022


In March 2022, the SamTrans board of directors approved a set of changes to the SamTrans bus network as part of the Reimagine SamTrans project. 

The new bus network will be delivered over time, between 2022-2023, and is designed to achieve equity, efficiency and connections to service transit hubs and job centers.

SamTrans is using this valuable input to implement a new, streamlined bus schedule with brand-new service areas and connections, faster and more direct routes and simpler, easier to understand routes. Major service changes that began Aug. 7 include:

New routes

  • New local Route 142 will serve some areas previously served by Routes 140 and 141.
  • Existing school-oriented service on Routes 110, 112, 130, 140, 141, 250, 251, 278 and 286 will continue to be provided on the following new Routes 10, 12, 30, 40, 41, 42, 50, 51, 78 and 86.

Consolidated routes

  • Local Routes 274, 275 and 278 will be consolidated into Route 278. Local Routes 251 and 256 will be consolidated into a revised Route 251.
  • SamTrans will consolidate school-oriented Routes 39, 55, 95 and 84 into Routes 37, 53, 61 and 83, respectively. In each case, two existing school-oriented routes will become one route that serves more neighborhoods to the same schools. In some cases, this would result in a longer ride for some students, but service to almost all areas with existing ridership would still be available.

Eliminated routes

  • Local Route 140 will be eliminated and replaced by service on Routes 141 and 142.
  • School-oriented Route 80 will be eliminated.
  • Morning service on school-oriented Routes 85 and 87 will be discontinued.

For a summary of all route changes, visit the SamTrans webpage. 

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