Share how you use Coleman and Ringwood Avenues

Published on July 25, 2022


San Mateo County and the City of Menlo Park are continuing to work on a transportation study of Coleman and Ringwood Avenues. This study will review how people use both corridors and engage stakeholders to understand their transportation needs and vision for each street.

The goal of this study is to identify a conceptual street design developed with community input and engagement for Ringwood and Coleman Avenues that improves transportation, safety, and mobility for all roadway users.

The first phase of community input for this project will be wrapping up at the end of summer. Community members who use these corridors for any reason can share how they typically travel and safety conditions on the streets using the survey and map tool.  

For more information about this transportation study, please visit the county’s Coleman and Ringwood Avenues Study project website.