Learn about our water system and how to conserve

Published on August 01, 2022


Filoli Historic House and Garden’s Blue Gold exhibit explores the fascinating history of water ownership in the Bay Area. The exhibit highlights Filoli’s historic connection to water resources and steps the estate is taking to conserve water and support sustainability. Measures include:

  • Planting a succulent garden appropriate for the area’s dry climate
  • Installing drip irrigation in garden beds
  • Preserving lawn areas in select locations, while letting other lawn areas to return to meadows
  • Composting yard waste on site
  • Showcasing electric fireplaces
  • Minimizing the use of plastic at the onsite café and aiming to source food ingredients within a 150 mile radius

Visit the garden and be inspired by its water history, historic preservation, plant life, and idyllic surroundings. To bring a bit of Filoli to your own garden, check out the Lawn be Gone program and other conservation rebates.

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