City Manager

Ongoing applications

  • Job typeFull-time
  • Salary rangeThe City of Menlo Park is prepared to negotiate an attractive salary and benefits package for the selected candidate.

How to apply

Electronically submit a letter of interest (addressed to Yonnine Hawkins Garr) and resume by December 10, 2021. Resumes received by December 10, 2021, will receive first consideration. The position is open until filled.

City Manager position

The City Manager plans and directs the implementation of all city policies and programs in accordance with City Council policies, and the Menlo Park Municipal Code, and provides leadership for efficient and effective management of all municipal services provided by the city.

The City Manager is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the City Council as outlined in Menlo Park’s Municipal Code.

“The City Manager shall be the administrative head of the city government under the direction and control of the city council, except as otherwise pro- vided in the Menlo Park Municipal Code. He or she shall be responsible for the efficient administration of all the affairs of the city which are under his or her control.”

The powers and duties of the City Manager are outlined In Chapter 2.08 (CITY MANAGER), Section 2.08.080 (Powers- Duties) of the Municipal Code. To read the municipal code and learn more about Menlo Park visit

As a prelude to this recruitment, the city actively solicited input from a variety of stakeholders including each Council Member, the community, city employees and executive staff. Consistently these stakeholders emphasized the following key areas of focus for Menlo Park:

  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the current state of the city and adopt a strategic framework for establishing short- and long-range plans for addressing the City’s organizational structure and processes and procedures citywide;
  • Build a strong, diverse workforce and leadership team to embrace the opportunity to make Menlo Park a “best in class” city of its size and an “employer of choice;”
  • Fill key vacancies and address pay equity;
  • Elevate community engagement and effective citywide communications;
  • Provide transparent financial and operational management;
  • Balance the City’s needs and funding commitments through pursuing new revenue and business growth opportunities;
  • Develop inclusive plans to oversee the distribution of city resources and services throughout Menlo Park that balance varying neighborhood and district needs, with an emphasis on equity, including:
    • Public infrastructure and transportation maintenance and  capital  improvements (such as road repair and street and sidewalk maintenance)
    • Affordable housing development
    • Open space and parks
    • Climate action
  • Build stronger and more collaborative relations with the schools and other special districts serving Menlo Park.

Specific duties

  • Support city council in the setting of goals and priorities of the city.
  • Focus on shaping the city into a healthy, mission-driven and values-based operation that focuses on people and a collaborative work culture;
  • Facilitate, implement, and operationalize the City Council’s vision and priorities for Menlo Park;
  • Ensure sound transparent fiscal sustainability for the city by initiating adequate financial planning and budgeting practices; providing appropriate investment policies; implementing adequate control systems, and reporting accurate, transparent and timely financial information;
  • Identify, hire, coach, lead and retain a strong cohesive leadership team to move the City’s policy agenda forward in conjunction with their teams, with community input, and utilizing 21st century management best practices;
  • Ensure that all departments operate in ways that support the City’s mission and values;
  • Promote the economic viability of the community through equitable community development and prudent financial leadership;
  • Foster an environment that solicits and values community input and promotes a can-do attitude throughout the city;
  • Organize the city in a manner that promotes trust, teamwork, transparency and innovation;
  • Foster and develop a diverse workforce that is well-trained, customer service focused and values collaboration, inclusiveness, communication and teamwork;
  • Ensure citywide accountability through performance management systems;
  • Foster employee and resident recognition programs that enhance community well-being;
  • Maintain a visible presence in the community and be involved and supportive of community events and activities that fosters a healthy community spirit;
  • Encourage genuine, robust, and participatory community engagement that reflects the diversity of Menlo Park, is intentional, and truly invites and honors all voices, while creating a safe place to exchange ideas that enhance the quality of life in Menlo Park; and
  • Perform other duties as needed or assigned by City Council.

Ideal candidate

The new City Manager will assume responsibility for a small unique urban city located in the heart of the Silicon Valley and one of the most affluent areas in California. The region is experiencing rapid change for a variety of reasons. Therefore, the City of Menlo Park is looking for a City Manager who thrives on the challenges and opportunities resulting from change, is comfortable identifying and addressing disparities, and proactively engages the City Council and all segments of the community. Furthermore, the City Manager will develop and provide progressive and innovative initiatives for the Council’s consideration that meet the needs of the community while advancing the vision and priorities of the City Council.

The ideal candidate will be an inspiring, service- minded, and progressive municipal government leader with strong interpersonal, communication and collaboration skills. The City Manager will be comfortable with the breadth of municipal functions but should have specific expertise in organizational and financial management, planning, economic & community development, with a track record of operationalizing equity and experience working with culturally, ethnically and economically diverse communities. The successful candidate will have a reputation for being a confident team leader and builder, high ethical standards, outstanding judgement, unquestioned integrity, and the courage to do what is right, not necessarily what is expedient or popular.

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