Residential self-audit tool kits

In partnership with Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency (BAWSCA), we are offering free self-audit tool kits to Menlo Park Municipal residential customers. Please keep in mind that although you may reside in Menlo Park, you may not be a Menlo Park Municipal Water customer. To determine your water provider, visit the interactive map and enter your address.

What is a residential self-audit tool kit?

To conserve water inside your home, the first step is understanding how much water you use and where to look for potential leaks. The Residential Self-Audit Tool Kits includes a step-by-step guide to teach you how to perform your own indoor survey, toilet dye tablets, a simple device to help measure your flow rates of your sinks and showers as well as general indoor leak information.
 To receive these kits customers:

  • Must be a Menlo Park Municipal Water customer
  • Must be a residential customer
  • Must create an online profile on the BAWSCA portal and complete an online request form.

For more information please visit the BAWSCA website.