Truck route permits


The City of Menlo Park requires truck route permits for all vehicles/loads that exceed 3 tons in gross weight. The detail related to truck routes and permits is defined in Municipal Code Section 11.48.

The information below provides a summary of the information and details on how to obtain a truck route permit. Truck route permits shall be carried in the vehicle at all times.

Obtaining a truck route permit

The following items must be submitted prior to approval of a truck route permit:

  • Truck route permit application(PDF, 40KB)
  • Certificate of liability insurance as defined in the municipal code
  • Any other permits required (Caltrans, county, etc.)
  • $16 permit fee for single trips or $90 for an annual permit

Please do not write your route on the permit application, but do include it on your fax cover sheet.

Please fax your permit application to 650-327-5497. Please allow 24-48 hours for city processing. 

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