Public safety camera system and data

The Police Department operates a public safety video surveillance system to complement its anti-crime strategy, to effectively allocate and deploy personnel and to enhance public safety and security in public areas.

Cameras are placed in strategic locations throughout the City to detect and deter crime, to help safeguard against potential threats to the public, to help manage emergency response situations during natural and man-made disasters and to assist city officials in providing services to the community. 


Municipal Code Chapter 2.56 - Public Safety Information provides guidelines for the proper use of data and recordings gathered by the city through the use of the public safety camera system. The Police Department's Policy 378 - Public Safety Video Surveillance System(PDF, 104KB)  outlines the operational guidelines, placement, monitoring, media storage and retention, and accountability of overt, marked public safety video surveillance systems operated by the department. 

We recognize the importance of the public's privacy. Video surveillance in public areas will be conducted in a legal and ethical manner while recognizing and protecting constitutional standards of privacy.