Law enforcement agencies across the nation recognize the value of technology. As the world continues to make technological advances, it is necessary for police to also embrace progression and the use of tools to meet the shifting demands of police work. The use of technology in law enforcement is expanding through the use of body worn cameras, mobile data terminal systems in patrol cars, the use of portable radios, cellular phones and even social media.

Menlo Park officers and staff are trained in every technological tool they are issued. They are trained on an ongoing basis on how to use the devices, any upgrades and new systems and department software programs. Department policies are issued that govern the use of the technology and computer software and systems.

The Menlo Park Police Department utilizes cutting edge technology in its efforts to prevent criminal activity. As one of the first agencies in the state to embrace body camera technology, each officer of our department is equipped with a body worn camera to increase transparency. License plate readers are used by the police department to convert data associated with vehicle license plates for official law enforcement purposes. Public safety cameras are placed in strategic locations throughout the City to detect and deter crime.

Our patrol vehicle fleet is equipped with the latest technology components. Wifi enabled patrol vehicles with 4G wireless modems allow officers the ability to have real time audio and video of events while responding to calls for service. Patrol vehicles are outfitted with a mobile data terminal (MDT), which is a portable computer device that is mounted to allow digital communications between the vehicle and a dispatch.

Officers are issued smartphones to aid in investigations, help increase situational awareness, and to be more mobile in order to electronically draft, sign and send documents.