Detective Unit

The Detective Unit conducts follow-up criminal investigations on all felony and misdemeanor crimes reported to the Police Department. Typically, a uniformed police officer responds to a call for service and prepares an initial police report which may require follow-up investigation. A detective is then assigned to conduct the follow-up investigation, often requiring many hours of work before an arrest is made or a case is closed.

Personnel and duties

The Detective Unit consists of 1 sergeant and 4 detectives. Police officers assigned to the Detective Unit are provided additional specialized training in order to prepare them for a specific investigative assignment. Considerable cross training is required so detectives can be temporarily assigned to any type of case when additional resources are needed. These cases include, but are not limited to:

  • Crimes against persons; homicide, rape, aggravated assaults, and robberies
  • Juvenile crimes; child abuse and neglect
  • Property crimes; burglaries, grand thefts, vehicle thefts, financial crimes, and identity theft

The Detective Unit in conjunction with the Records Unit is also responsible for keeping up to date records on 290 PC sex registrants in the city of Menlo Park and disseminating that information both internally and to the community.

Special Investigations Unit

The Menlo Park Police Department has a specialized narcotics unit called Special Investigations Unit (SIU). The unit is comprised of three detectives, a detective sergeant and narcotic detection canine, Duke. SIU works closely with the district attorney's office, and probation and parole departments. Additionally, SIU has two detectives that are assigned as task force officers; one to a federal gang / drug task force with the FBI, and one assigned to the San Mateo county Narcotics Task Force.
SIU utilizes these agencies and two task forces to assist in past and current investigations. SIU investigates all drug and gang related crimes within the city of Menlo Park and actively targets all levels of drug trafficking.