Emergency alerts

The City's website is the central location for all City department information and programs. News and current events are also available on the site and residents and business owners in Menlo Park can sign up to receive various alerts at menlopark.org/notifyme. News releases and alerts are sent out from this site.


Alerts and real-time information 

Residents can sign up for the following notification services to receive critical information on emergencies:

SMC Alert

The City of Menlo Park uses the SMC Alert notification service to send residents and businesses critical information about our community, such as emergency notifications to include:
  • natural disasters
  • hazards
  • road closures
  • utility problems
  • missing child
  • at-risk missing adults
In an effort to update and have the most accurate information in our system, we invite you to participate in this emergency notification service and/or update your information. When you sign up with SMC Alert, we can reach you by phone, text or email within minutes. Participation is free and completely voluntary.

We know your personal information is confidential, and we will not share it with anyone. The City of Menlo Park utilizes the SMC Alert service for emergency and outreach purposes only.

Social media

The recent Bay Area earthquake is a reminder for us to update our contact information and consider alternative communication resources. The City uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Nextdoor as ways of disseminating and receiving non-emergency and emergency information. While each of these platforms are useful for sharing current events, newsworthy items or social information, in the event of an emergency, Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor have proven to be useful sources of additional emergency communications. These three platforms provide for two-way communication between residents and the City.

View the City of Menlo Park’s social media platforms. You can follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook and view photos/messages on Instagram. We also encourage you to communicate with your neighbors utilizing Nextdoor, which is a free private social network for your neighborhood.

The City of Menlo Park follows its Emergency Operations Plan(PDF, 1MB) during emergency situations.

Residents without computer access

For residents who do not have access to a computer, they can visit either of the Menlo Park libraries and access dedicated library computers, which will take them to the City of Menlo Park's website. The Menlo Park Library is located at 800 Alma St. and the Belle Haven Branch Library is located at 413 Ivy Drive.

Call blocking

Residents or businesses with call blocking service can make certain they receive notifications by adding 650-330-6300 to their approved number list.


SMC Alert does not sell, lease, share, or rent personal identification information (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) to any companies or persons outside of SMC Alert. The information will be accessed by the City of Menlo Park only for purposes of community alerts or notifications.