Police volunteers

Police volunteers are trained individuals who assist the police with non-enforcement duties. Civilian volunteers bring skills from their personal and professional lives and give to the community by offering their time and knowledge to our shared mission of crime prevention and safety.

Read on to learn more about volunteering and if it is right for you.


  • 21 years of age or older
  • Good moral character
  • Good driving record
  • No felony convictions
  • Current U.S. citizen
  • Pass background check
  • Have valid drivers license


  • Good people skills
  • Wear approved uniform (provided)
  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Volunteer at least 16 hours per month
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Enjoy your time
  • Present a professional appearance at all times


For more information, contact Nicole Acker.


Police volunteers will receive training in but not limited to:

  • Orientation and organization
  • Daily operation functions
  • Administration roles
  • Introduction to law
  • Front counter service
  • Investigation procedures
  • Community events
  • Patrol procedures
  • CPR and First Aid

Why become a police volunteer?

  • To contribute to positive communications between the community and law enforcement as a team member
  • To assist in controlling, reducing, and preventing crime in Menlo Park
  • To meet new people in varied settings
  • To gain valuable work experience
  • To take pride in knowing you are part of the solution in crime reduction!
  • Volunteers also complete one ride-along with a patrol officer as part of the training program.