All alarmed residential and commercial premises are required to have an alarm system permit. Alarm permits provide the Police Department with names and phone numbers of persons who are responsible for a premise and can be reached in the event of an emergency.

Permits are $25 and must be renewed annually. You can pay a false alarm bill or manage your existing account online. New alarm households should apply online for a permit if they have not already received a false alarm bill.

Rules and regulations 

  • Audible external alarm systems must reset within 30 minutes and stop sounding.
  • Alarms must have a battery backup power supply to assure continued operation should a power outage occur and prevent false alarms.
  • Alarm owners and users should know the procedure for canceling false alarms with their alarm companies.
  • All alarm fees are final and non-refundable.

False alarms fees

All fees are assessed on an annual basis and begin July 1 each year.

False alarm type First Second Third or more
Residential false alarm Free $85.00 +$5 more per occurrence
High-risk* false alarm Free $170.00 +$10 more per occurrence

*Alarms are considered high-risk when they are used to alert us of bank hold ups or armed robbery events. Panic alarms installed at a residential location are not classified as high-risk.

False alarms are most commonly caused by error, such as opening and closing doors, or equipment malfunctions. Each alarm response requires a minimum of two patrol officers and averages 20 minutes per officer, per alarm.

False alarms negatively impact the overall safety of the community by diverting officers from actual emergencies and other legitimate calls for service. The alarm permit ordinance helps increase accountability and responsible maintenance and management of alarm systems.