Account services and fees

These account services are available with your valid Peninsula Library System Library Card.

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Online account

Access your online account in order to:

  • Renew items
  • Check / cancel holds
  • Opt in to remember your borrowing history going forward email notices

Get hold and overdue notices by email, rather than telephone or postcard! Also get courtesy pre-overdue notices (borrowers are responsible for returning items on time, even if pre-overdue notice is not received). To enroll or update:

  • Visit the library catalog
  • Log into your account
  • Click the "Modify Personal Info" button
  • Enter an email address that you'll check daily text message notices

To sign up for text message notices, just text the message SIGNUP to 650-285-1148. For more information, see the frequently asked questions. By signing up, you can:

  • Get hold and pre-overdue notices
  • Receive and manage notices for others' cards
  • Renew items
  • Search the library catalog by ISBN

Telephone access (Telecirc)

Call the automated voice system anytime at 650-638-0399 in order to:

  • Hear fines and fees
  • Hear if items are currently being held for you
  • Hear titles and due dates for items you have out
  • Renew most items

For live help by telephone, call 650-330-2520 during library hours.

Borrowing limits/holds

Items on hold are kept for 10 days (the hold period it is not extendable)

If no holds on an item, borrowing limits are as follows:

  • DVDs: 1 week, 5 renewals
  • Quick Picks books:  2 weeks, no renewals
  • Quick Picks: 1 week, no renewals
  • LINK+ books: 3 week, 1 renewal possible depending on loaning library's policy
  • LINK+ media: 1 week, 1 renewal possible depending on loaning library's policy
  • All other items: 3 weeks, 5 renewals

Item auto-renewal

Eligible items are automatically renewed one day before each item's due date.  Even with auto renewal, please continue to keep an eye on your due dates and renewals to avoid overdue charges.

Your library items will not be automatically renewed if: 

  • The item is on hold for another patron
  • The maximum number of renewals (5) has been reached 
  • It is an item from the Quick Pick collection, which are never renewable 
  • Library account is not current and you have a balance of $15 or more

LINK+ fines and lost materials

There are no overdue fines on LINK+ items (since May 2020)

Lost materials: The replacement charge for lost library materials includes the price of the item and a $5/$15 processing fee depending on the owning library. Payment for lost items is non-refundable. The library does not accept patron supplied replacements for lost items.  LINK+ items that are lost or damaged incur a charge of $115 per item.


Service Fee 
Hold (item transfer within PLS) No fee
Replacement library card No fee
Collection agency fee $10