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FPG Development Group is proposing to demolish an existing non-medical office building and construct a new eight-story, 163-room hotel, approximately 58,000 square feet in size and consisting of three stories of podium parking and five stories of hotel rooms. The ground floor would contain a ground floor lobby space and coffee shop, in addition to podium parking. The fourth floor would contain hotel rooms and a bar and lounge area that would also include an outdoor rooftop garden. The ground floor lobby space and coffee shop, along with the outdoor rooftop garden on the fourth floor, would be publicly accessible.

As part of the proposed project, a below market rate in-lieu fee has been proposed for the site, and the Housing Commission recommended approval on March 3, 2021. Additionally, one heritage tree has been approved for removal due to health and two non-heritage street trees have also be approved for removal.

The overall proposal would be comprised of:

  • Buildings: 58,027 square feet
  • Hotel rooms: 163 rooms
  • Parking: 125 spaces (117 spaces within the parking podium and eight surface parking spaces

City actions required on proposed project

City staff is evaluating the project proposal. It is anticipated that the following land use entitlements would be applicable to the proposed project:

  • Environmental review (initial study and mitigated negative declaration)
  • Use permit
  • Architectural control
  • Below market rate housing agreement
  • Heritage tree removal permits

Current status

In August 2019, the Planning Commission held a study session to the review the proposed project. Among the Commission's feedback was a request to provide better activation and integration of the proposed rooftop garden intended for public open space access. In response, the applicant revised the plans to enhance the public accessibility of the fourth floor, along the side of the building frontage facing Haven Avenue. The project is currently being evaluated as part of a initial study and mitigated negative declaration.

Environmental review

  • Initial study
  • Mitigated negative declaration

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