Special event permits


Downtown Block Party 

Thank you for your interest in holding a special event in Menlo Park. Special events play an important role in building community and creating vibrancy within Menlo Park.

Our goal is to help event organizers plan a safe and successful event creating minimal impacts to the surrounding neighborhoods. Depending on the nature of your event, additional permits or approvals may be needed so please allow adequate time for processing.

Please pay close attention to the following application deadlines:

  • 30-days for block parties not required to have a noise permit
  • 60-days for block parties required to have a noise permit
  • 60-days for all minor events that are not considered block parties 
  • 90-days for all major events

Special event qualifications

If your event meets one or more of these criteria, you will need to complete a special event permit application:

  • Any city street or lane closures
  • Any event impacting traffic or intersections
  • Any noise exceeding Municipal Code 8.06.030 (noise ordinance): Sound measured from subject site to any residential property:
    • 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. - 50 dBA
    • 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. - 60 dBA
  • Attendance is expected to exceed 150 people and you will be using outdoor public space
  • Community events (i.e. block parties - not for private or exclusive residential use)
  • Events needing Police regulation, monitoring or control
  • Events occurring for more than one day
  • Generate a crowd of spectators sufficient in size to obstruct, delay or interfere with the normal flow of pedestrian, vehicular traffic or city facilities
  • Parking needs that will exceed the capacity of the venue
  • Use of any city street, sidewalk  or other right of way

Permit application submittal

Complete your special event permit application online. Incomplete applications will not be processed and you will be asked to submit the additional information in order to start the application process.

Film permits

Please contact Public Works at 650-330-6780.