Signs and signage requirements

Well-designed signs can add to the attractiveness of an area, while signage that is cluttered or overbearing detracts from the beauty of the streetscape. Signs also serve as a symbol for businesses and can help merchants build a positive business image. The intent of these guidelines is to encourage signage that helps maintain the positive image of the area enjoyed by the residents and businesses of Menlo Park. Every Menlo Park business is encouraged to post an attractive sign stating the name of the business. The sign should be at a scale appropriate to the pedestrian and vehicular streetscape and the nature of the business.

Signage requirements and guidelines

New or modified signage is required to meet a number of standards and guidelines, such as size, materials, and colors. Please review both of the following in full prior to preparing a signage application:

As noted in these regulations, sign area is based on the frontage of the lot in question. If you do not know your lot's frontage length, please contact the Planning Division (see email and phone at top right of this page). Once you know the frontage length, the maximum sign area (or areas, for multi-frontage parcels) can be calculated precisely using the Sign Area Calculation Worksheet (Excel template file)(XLS, 14KB)