Energy reporting requirements

Building energy usage makes up a large percentage of the energy consumed by any community. Efforts made to increase efficiencies or decrease the amount of energy used by buildings hold great promise in theory. It is difficult, however, to reconcile projections and models of energy usage with actual data without collecting the data.

Many building owners and building occupants are unaware of their energy usage, and many scientists and rule makers need that information to determine the true benefits of the efficiency measures they propose and require. Energy reporting helps in both areas.

The Environmental Protection Agency, in partnership with ENERGY STAR, has created a building portfolio manager tool that provides an online portal for building owners to enroll their buildings, input their utility data and utilize the portal to review their usage. The data are anonymized but reported based on building type, size, etc. to a national database where it can be used to study a range of energy-related questions about buildings. For more information, please visit the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager website.

Bayfront zoning energy reporting requirement

All building projects in the Bayfront zoning districts (O, Office; LS, Life Sciences; or R-MU, Mixed-use Residential) are required to enroll in and use the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager website and submit documentation of compliance as required by the City. Please review the interactive GIS map at the following link to confirm the zoning district for your property.

Required documentation

Please follow the steps on the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager website to enroll your building. Once enrolled, please provide a screenshot of the building profile with the building permit application materials.