New applications

Transition to DigEplan system
The City of Menlo Park is moving to a new plan check system called DigEplan, which works in conjunction with our Accela permit management system. Together, the two systems will complete the electronic process we have been working to implement for 2.5 years.

As a result, these new programs will not work with the traditional third party plan review process. Effective immediately, we will not be offering a third party expedited option to applicants. Please note that new applications for third party plan review will not be accepted. However, projects with existing applications may continue through to plan check completion or expiration. We appreciate your support and contribution to the Menlo Park community.

The Building Division accepts online applications for the following permit types:

  1. Residential electrical service upgrade (same location only)
  2. Residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning - HVAC (like-for-like location/type only)
  3. Residential reroof
  4. Residential sewer and water main or re-pipe
  5. Residential water heater (like-for-like location/type only)

Submittal of these "simple" permit applications requires non-refundable payment of permit fees before the application is accepted, so please be sure you have the correct record type and have entered accurate information before paying fees and submitting. Fees will not be refunded for applications for the wrong permit type, if due to applicant error.

Any other types of construction, new or existing, must be submitted as a building pre-application. Submittals for items listed below are now accepted online, which may be used to start the review process:

  • Additions
  • Alterations
  • Demolition
  • Grading
  • New construction
  • Repairs

Submittal of a Building Pre-Application does not require any fees to start, but fees will be charged when the Building Pre-Application is converted to a full building permit.

Please contact the Permit Team if you have any questions prior to submittal of an application.

In order to submit a new application, customers need to be registered for an account at the online permit portal

Screenshot of ACA site registration links

Once logged in, the customer may start the new application process by clicking on the "Create an Application" link under "Building" on the main page:

Screenshot of ACA application submittal process #1

Alternately, users may click on the upper "Building" header, and then the "Create an Application" sub-header. In either case, users should then review/accept the overall terms of service to continue:

Screenshot of ACA application submittal process #2

Next, the customer should select the specific application type:


Once the desired application type is selected, the system guides the user through the submittal process in a phased flow. Please note the following with regard to the submittal steps:


Building Pre-Application records do not require any fees for submittal, although fees will be charged at the point the record is converted to a "full" Building Permit. However, all of the "simple" record types require payment of fees prior to submittal. For the most efficient process, please have your payment method ready when you start your application, although the system will "save" your application, and you can come back to pay later if needed. If you believe the automatic fee calculation is inaccurate, please contact the Permit Team before payment.

Menlo Park address verification

For best results, enter the Street No. and Street Name, and then hit the Search button. The system will reference the City's parcel database, and automatically import the Parcel and Owner information for any valid address. If you do not receive a result for your parcel, it may be located in Unincorporated San Mateo County (e.g., North Fair Oaks, West Menlo Park, or Menlo Oaks). Please review the Menlo Park GIS Viewer to confirm whether your parcel is located within the city limits. If a parcel is under the County's jurisdiction, please visit the county planning website for more information.

Primary project contact

All applications need a primary contact. In addition, the contractor may be entered if known at the point of submittal, although this is not required to start the process. However, a valid contractor is required before permit issuance.


All applications require submittal of a completed/scanned permit application form, and projects applying under the owner-builder provisions shall submit the owner-builder disclosures and forms(PDF, 34KB). Additionally, certain record types require additional documents, as noted in the submittal page flow. All documents shall follow the required file specifications.

File specifications

Documents uploaded to the the online permit portal shall follow the file specifications. Adherence to these standards is necessary for electronic document review (EDR) functionality and standard security practices. Submittals will be deemed incomplete if files do not meet the listed specifications, and review will not start until documents are correctly resubmitted.