File specifications

Documents uploaded to the the online permit portal must follow the following specifications. Adherence to these standards is necessary for electronic document review and standard security practices. Submittals will be deemed incomplete if files do not meet the listed specifications, and review will not start until documents are correctly resubmitted.

File types and sizes

  1. File type: PDF (not PDF Portfolio)
  2. File size: 1 GB or less

File names

  1. No more than 60 characters long; no symbols or punctuation ("!", "#", "%", etc.).
  2. Every plan and document file shall be named to identify the submittal cycle, project address and file contents. Some representative examples are:

    • PC1-5201 Marshall Rd Plans – first submittal (1st cycle) plans
    • PC1-5201 Marshall Rd Calcs – 1st cycle calculations
    • PC1-5201 Marshall Rd T24 – 1st cycle energy CF1R document
    • PC2-5201 Marshall Rd Plans – for the 2nd cycle plans after resolving 1st cycle comments
    • PC1R1-2742 Longspur Wy Plans/Calcs/T24 – first submittal of any revised documents after a permit has been issued previously

Plan format

  1. Construction plans shall be uploaded as a single combined multipage file
  2. Supporting documents (like cut sheets, manuals, etc.) shall be submitted as individual documents or as a single combined multipage file
  3. Plans should not be password protected so that they can be stamped/flattened at the end of the permitting process
  4. Created directly from a CAD program, as a vector-based file or from a drawing template
  5. Landscape oriented sheets and at least 11 inches x 17 inches in dimension
  6. Always comprehensive (i.e., on a resubmittal, provide the full plan set again, not just the modified sheets) 
  7. Bookmarked by page number (e.g., "A1.1"), with the bookmark (also known as the "page reference") for any sheet remaining identical from submittal to submittal
  8. Pages may be deleted or added as needed based on City direction, but page numbers shall not changed or be reused for different content (i.e., if you need to add a sheet between "A2.2" and "A2.3", create a new "A2.2.1" sheet; do not reuse an existing page's number or renumber other sheets, as that would limit electronic document review sheet tracking/comparison features)
  9. First page shall have an Index listing all sheets in the plan set. Each sheet shall have a distinct page number
  10. Plans shall be generated to a scale (e.g. 1/4" = 1', 1/8" = 1', or 1:10)
  11. Every sheet shall have the designer's name, signature and date. If from a CA-licensed design professional or contractor, their stamp is required on every plan sheet representing their work product
  12. Ensure there are 1) space in the title block for the city's approval and 2) a 4-inch square space on the coversheet for the city's approval stamp