Building Division


The Building Division is a part of Community Development.

The Building Division is responsible for coordinating the enforcement of the city's building code and related policies concerning the construction of residential, commercial or industrial projects.

The division provides this oversight through a plan check and inspection process that ensures that projects are designed and constructed according to code. 

Latest news

Online services - Changes to inspection scheduling process
Please be aware that 1 scheduled trade/item equals a 15-minute inspection. If more time is needed, either schedule the same trade item or multiple trade items to equate the total time needed. For example, if the inspection being called for is ‘Underfloor Roughs’ then schedule underfloor frame, underfloor plumbing, underfloor mechanical to achieve a 45-minute inspection.

Transition to DigEplan system
The City of Menlo Park is moving to a new plan check system called DigEplan, which works in conjunction with our Accela permit management system. Together, the two systems will complete the electronic process we have been working to implement for 2.5 years.

As a result, these new programs will not work with the traditional third party plan review process. Effective immediately, we will not be offering a third party expedited option to applicants. Please note that new applications for third party plan review will not be accepted. However, projects with existing applications may continue through to plan check completion or expiration. We appreciate your support and contribution to the Menlo Park community.

General information


Are new permit applications being accepted?

The City of Menlo Park is accepting all submittals via the online permit portal.

The building permit process, from application submittal to final inspection sign off, is entirely paperless. To create new applications, receive updates on existing records, resubmit plan check corrections or revisions, you must register and create a user account.

How do I submit a new application and/or simple permit?

As described in more detail on the Online services/New applications page, new applications may be submitted via the City's online permit portal:

  • Simple permits: Simple permits are classified as a reroof, water heater, electrical service upgrade, sewer etc. and require payment before the application is accepted, so please be sure you have entered the correct record type and have entered accurate information before paying fees and submitting.
  • All other permits: Any other request can be accommodated through a Building Pre-Application, which will be used to start the review process. Submittal of Building Pre-Applications does not require any fees to start, but fees will be charged when the pre-application is converted to a Building Permit.

How do I submit plan check resubmittals or revisions to issued permits?

Applicants must have an active user account in the online permit portal. Review the resubmittal guide for assistance. Contact the assigned permit technician on your permit record if you have questions or need further assistance.

How can I schedule a building inspection?

You can schedule an inspection online.

Is it possible to schedule an over the counter review?

We are not offering over the counter review at this time.

How can I request a certificate of final occupancy (C of O)?

Certificates of final Occupancy are handled by the permit manager.

How can I obtain a property record search?

Permit history is available without registering for an account using the online permit portal.

How can I get my plans to the Menlo Park Fire Protection District for digital plan submittal?

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