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Brian Altman
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April 30, 2025
Katie Behroozi
Email Katie Behroozi n/a April 30, 2024
Jacquie Cebrian Email Jacquie Cebrian n/a April 30, 2023
Sally Cole - Vice Chair
Email Sally Cole
April 30, 2022
John Cromie
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April 30, 2022
Jk Jensen
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n/a April 30, 2024
Lizbeth King
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April 30, 2025
Lydia Lee
Email Lydia Lee 415-218-8475 April 30, 2022
Adina Levin - Chair
Email Adina Levin 650-646-4344 April 30, 2022


Roles and responsibilities

The Complete Streets Commission shall advise the City Council on realizing the City's adopted goals for complete streets, vision zero, climate action plan, and provide input on major land use and development projects as it relates to transportation.

  • To advance the goals of the city’s newly adopted climate action plan by making alternatives to driving safer and more attractive, namely by:
    • Reviewing the city’s transportation master plan (TMP) and recommending the projects most likely to reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT)
    • Providing input on major development projects such as the Menlo Park Community Campus, by looking at them through the lens of transportation accessibility, especially bicycle/pedestrian/public transportation accessibility
  • Advise City Council on the implementation of the TMP.
  • Continue to advocate for and advise the City Council on the planning and installation of the Middle Avenue pedestrian and bicycle rail crossing, and safe cycling/pedestrian infrastructure connecting the Burgess complex to the Middle Avenue corridor to Olive Street, and north on Olive Street to Hillview Middle School.
  • Continue to support City Council in ongoing initiatives to improve access to Downtown and support downtown businesses.
  • Continue to support the implementation of the Safe Routes to School strategy and advocate for community engagement, program continuity and engineering implementation.
  • Continue to support City Council’s role as a stakeholder with regard to regional multi-modal and transportation demand management programs projects to increase

Staff liaison

Kevin Chen

Senior Transportation Engineer


Meetings and recordings

Complete Streets Commission meetings are generally held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month starting at 7 p.m. Meeting dates and times are subject to change.

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